Candace Owens will question the narrative on childhood vaccinations in her new show “A Shot in the Dark,” where she will discuss the medical establishment’s push to give children dozens of shots before they turn 18. 

In “A Shot in the Dark,” Owens takes a non-political approach and uses mainstream sources to inform parents about vaccine ingredients, schedules, and the listed potential side effects while asking basic questions that she says doctors often ignore. The show will be available on DailyWire+. The first three episodes will be free for everyone beginning on Thursday, and new episodes will release weekly, with the first three episodes also available on YouTube.     

“I am not going to try to convince you not to vaccinate your children,” Owens said. “That is not what I am being tasked with. It is not what is in my heart or soul to do. What I want to give you instead is information.”

Owens points out the conflicting claims regarding vaccine safety from the FDA and CDC, federal agencies that encourage parents to have vaccines administered to their newborns. In episode 1, Owens dives into the history of childhood vaccines, looking at how the number of vaccines and doses dramatically increased beginning in the mid-1980s after children first started receiving shots in the 1960s. She also questions the narrative that vaccines are making people healthier and shares her own traumatic story after receiving the Gardasil HPV vaccine. 

“The slur of calling somebody an anti-vaxxer has been tremendously effective throughout my lifetime, and I thought it was the crazy, crunchy people who wanted their children to die that didn’t vaccinate their children,” Owens said. “But … your life experiences transform you. And I had a life experience that transformed me in the form of me being vax injured.”

Episodes 2 and 3 focus on the Vitamin K shot, where Owens shows that it’s more than “just a vitamin,” and male infant circumcision, where she questions the idea that circumcising newborns is more sanitary.   

“I want to use CDC data,” she added. “I want to take a look at the FDA inserts when I talk about what can happen if you give your child a vaccine. These are things that the pediatrician does not supply you with, which should be astounding to you.”


New episodes of “A Shot in the Dark” will release every Thursday, and will be available exclusively for DailyWire+ members after the third installment.

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