U.S. Rep. French Hill (R-AR) said during an interview over the weekend that he expects the House of Representatives to re-authorize FISA Section 702 before it expires later this month.

FISA Section 702 authorizes the targeted collection of foreign intelligence information from non-U.S. persons located overseas and is critical to defending against national security threats, U.S. officials say.

Hill, who is on the Intelligence Committee, made the remarks during a Sunday interview on CBS News’ “Face The Nation” with Margaret Brennan when he was asked about increased terror threat levels from Islamic terrorists.

“I am confident that we will have support for renewing the authorization for the use of 702, which is a critical element – I’ve seen in intimate detail the vital role that 702 surveillance plays in keeping America safe,” he said. “I think Congress will come together and we’ll reauthorize its use. But that’s also going to be part of 50 reforms in how the FISA court, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, and how the act operates. And it will be the first serious reforms in probably some 20 years. And these are 50 bipartisan reforms and reforms that I believe have the full support of House Republicans.”


Hill said that after the FISA extension passes, he expects that House Speaker Mike Johnson “will bring up support for the supplemental appropriations for Ukraine, for Taiwan, for Israel.”

“Ukraine remains a priority, as does our support for Israel and Taiwan,” he added. “And, yes, I believe he’s fully committed to bringing it up to the floor immediately thereafter. And I think that’s critical, as it should have been passed months ago.”

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