What’s with all the “womanface” being thrown around in 2023?

Even if you don’t know what the term means, you’ve probably seen it in action: Confused men who think of themselves as women, and in turn, don exaggerated traditional female attire and behave like women in an over-the-top manner. To those outside the LGBTQ+ rainbow mafia, it’s entirely offensive and no more acceptable than “blackface.” (See Dylan Mulvaney

Regardless of the criticism, countless brands have flocked toward LGBTQ “influencers” to promote their products. In turn, these companies have flipped the metaphorical bird to their customers who oppose wokeism.  

Each time it happens, the breakdown of norms seems more shocking than the last, but a recent paid Instagram ad from Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day and self-identifying “black, queer, and nonbinary femme” Christopher Griffin might be the most offensive one yet.

The purpose of the May 2023 ad was to promote Mrs. Meyer’s new “Compassion Flower” hand soap and announce that $1 from each purchase of the product would go toward helping transform vacant lots into gardens.

Mrs. Meyer’s is named after an actual housewife — Thelma Meyer — and mother of nine children. That raises the question of why the company felt the need to turn to Griffin, a childless man with a mustache who acts like a woman and calls himself a “plant parent,” to promote its products geared toward women.

In the ad, the “PlantKween” —  as he is known on Instagram — is featured wearing a head scarf and dress, gallivanting around the house cleaning while wearing high heels and mid-century style white sunglasses, pretending to be Mrs. Meyer. It looks like a man making fun of the fairer sex — not a celebration of women or of being a housewife. 

Readers would be forgiven for mistakenly thinking that this was a Saturday Night Live skit. 

Watch here

Of course, if an actual woman were to appear in an ad like that in 2023  – the company in question would be accused of sexism and trying to keep women in the kitchen.  

We don’t know why Mrs. Meyer’s thought that Griffin was the proper spokesman for this ad, but needless to say the paid partnership was a tacit endorsement of his mission. 

Griffin has stated in numerous interviews that the goal of his persona and social media presence is to disrupt the gender binary.

In one Instagram caption, Griffin wrote that “My gender has always been an experience. It was more than just being boyish or girlish, not limited to just being masculine or feminine, not restricted by the ideas of ‘manhood’ or ‘womanhood’” 

So, in light of that statement, Mrs. Meyer’s apparently thinks it’s acceptable to say that “womanhood” is somehow restricting and that gender is something one can change. They want to be associated with it. 

Griffin added that his gender expression “was about transgressing those tragic gender norms we are taught as children … it was about reimagining myself in-between and beyond the gender binary, it has and will forever be about embracing the experience of myself without definition.”

So, if you bought products from Mrs. Meyer’s recently, some of your money likely went toward supporting the idea that recognizing the difference between boys and girls is “tragic” and that the “gender binary” is a made-up concept.

Well, Jeremy’s knows that you’re not responsible for woke culture, and you don’t have to participate in it either. Now, you can wash your hands of it all — by buying Jeremy’s Hand Soap and All-Purpose Cleaner. Click here and here to buy. 

In light of it all, one has to wonder when Mrs. Meyer’s is going to drop “Mrs.” from its name, so as to not promote gender roles which its paid partner stands against. At Jeremy’s, you’ll never have to worry about that.

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