Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker complained over the weekend that Texas Governor Greg Abbott is sending illegal aliens to his state instead of letting them stay in Texas.

Pritzker made the remarks during an interview with Jonathan Karl on ABC News’ “This Week” when confronted over polling showing that Biden’s border crisis was hurting Democrats.

“There’s clearly a problem at the border,” Karl said. “I know you have advocated for a stronger action from the federal government on dealing with this crisis. How does the president address this going forward?”

Pritzker claimed that it was Congress’ problem and that “comprehensive immigration reform” was needed, falsely claiming that Democrats have tried to fix problem and that Republicans have been the ones refusing.

“Not enough has been done, there’s no doubt about that,” he said. “And I think that the president needs to do more. The Congress needs to do more.”

“Cities out here that are the target of this political game that Governor Abbott is playing, are suffering,” he continued. “And here in Illinois, it’s minus 29 degrees outside with the wind chill. We have migrants that arrive from Texas virtually every day, hundreds, and we don’t have places to put them. We don’t have enough shelter space here.”

“There are plenty of other cities where, you know, if he’s going to send people, they could be sent, but no,” he complained. “He’s choosing only Democratic states, Democratic cities. And when we’ve asked him to stop sending people because of the weather, because the dangerous nature of this winter storm that we’re experiencing now, he’s refused to stop sending them. So, he does not care about people. He doesn’t care about the, the migrants, he doesn’t care about the fact that they’re going to suffer if they’re sent to certainly the Upper Midwest, as he is doing now.”



Thr Governor of Illinois is having a meltdown because Republican governors are sending illegals to his state.

Governor Pritzker signed 4 pieces of legislation to make Illinois “the most welcoming state to migrants.”

Illinois voted for this. Send more!

— Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) January 14, 2024

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