Twitter owner Elon Musk revealed during an interview this week that he eventually wants Twitter to evolve into a platform that provides a wide range of services, including financial services.

Musk made the remarks during an interview with The Babylon Bee published on Twitter on Wednesday. Twitter’s previous censorship of The Babylon Bee was one of the company’s actions that sparked Musk’s interest in buying Twitter.

Musk said it was important for the company to eventually start getting into financial services because it’s a vital aspect of freedom.

“That’s actually an important part of freedom as well,” he said. “If those doing, you know, the money exchange or running the money system, can stop people who disagree with them politically, that’s a huge problem. I mean, so that happened in Canada with the trucker strike, where people were being like, basically, financially ostracized from society for just being a peaceful strike.”

“And you know, I saw some strange things with PayPal, where they were like, suspending accounts for what appeared to be political reasons,” he continued. “Money is a form of information. So I think it’s important that we have within the bounds of the law, that we enable freedom of flow of money, which is full of information.”

Musk said that he eventually wants the platform to evolve into a “full array of financial services, full array of communications, encrypted communications, voice, video, everything.”

He said that the company will need to be rebranded as “X.”

“In general, the goal here is like, let’s just make sure we take the actions that strengthen the pillars of democracy and further civilization,” he said. “You know, we want to have a future we can look forward to, that we’re excited about the future, not one we’re sad about it. Civilization is more fragile than people realize. If you study the rise and fall of civilizations in history, you know, when they’re at the top, then they would think they’re gonna fall.”


@elonmusk says the free flow of money is an important part of a free society.

— The Babylon Bee (@TheBabylonBee) May 31, 2023

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