A Committee in the Republican-controlled Texas House that launched an investigation into Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton over allegations of misconduct met with a former Obama White House lawyer and major Democrat donor during the course of the investigation.

Hugh Brady, who serves as a Parliamentarian in the Texas House, met with the five-member House General Investigating Committee on Tuesday, the day that news broke that the Committee was investigating Paxton, according to a report from the Tyler Morning Telegraph.

Donald Trump Jr. called attention on Thursday to a video clip of Brady going into the private meeting behind closed doors late last month.

“Shown here: Democrat donor and former Obama WH lawyer going to work with Texas House Republicans (RINOS!) on the sham impeachment of Ken Paxton,” Trump Jr. wrote.

Shown here: democrat donor and former Obama WH lawyer going to work with Texas House Republicans (RINOS!) on the sham impeachment of Ken Paxton. https://t.co/ULGIYP6wGj

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) June 8, 2023

Records from the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) appear to show that Brady has donated a total of $12,400 to Democrat candidates at the federal level dating back to 2010.

Brady served as the general counsel for the Executive Office of President during the Obama administration from March 2014 to January 2017, according to his LinkedIn account.


Six members of Paxton’s office have since taken a leave of absence to defend Paxton in his upcoming trial in the Texas Senate after he was impeached late last month.

The Daily Wire learned from two sources familiar with the matter that the six officials were offended by the entire process and they did not see a better use of their time right now than defending Paxton.

The six officials are Judd Stone, Solicitor General; Chris Hilton, Division Chief, General Litigation Division; Joseph N. Mazzara, Assistant Solicitor General; Kateland Jackson, Assistant Solicitor General; Allison Collins, Senior Attorney; and Jordan Eskew, Executive Assistant.

One of the main lawyers defending Paxton, Tony Buzbee, said on Wednesday, “Ken Paxton will never, never be convicted by the Senate — not on this evidence, not with this record and not when the fact is the allegations are completely untrue.”

After the Texas House of Representatives impeached Paxton in a 121-23 vote, he was temporarily suspended from his office, as he now has to wait for a trial in the Senate.

Paxton faces 20 articles of impeachment alleging that Paxton committed a number of infractions, including violating the state’s whistleblower law, violating the Securities Act, bribery, and other activities.

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