The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) strictly controls China’s newspapers, making sure all stories are aligned with exactly what it wants. Reading between the lines of Chinese publications is edifying, especially this May Day.
China Daily recently reported on Meng Lan, a panda. In writing and by video, the publication reminded Chinese citizens of the Beijing-based panda’s kung fu skills, that he climbs, digs, does sit-ups, and remains a “hardened criminal” after trying to escape. The article also mentions the attention Meng Lan is getting and his “celebrity pedigree.”
People in China (and elsewhere) love panda bears. But the thing is, Meng Lan had not done anything captivating recently to warrant an article. Nevertheless, China Daily used words and video images to update its audience about Meng Lan’s cuteness. The story sidetracked people’s attention from the nation’s vast array of problems. Welcome to how China’s media manipulates its citizens….

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