Donald Trump’s 2024 GOP primary opponents have come out in response to the former president reportedly being indicted on federal charges.
Trump got ahead of the reports on June 8 and said he was informed by his lawyers that the Department of Justice had indicted him in the case of the former president allegedly mishandling classified information and not cooperating with the federal government in returning the materials.
The charges, according to ABC News, are “willful retention of national defense information, corruptly concealing [documents], conspiracy to obstruct justice, [and] false statements.”
Trump’s super PAC, MAGA Inc., blasted the reported indictment.
“The Biden regime, which is realizing they can’t beat or cheat their way to another victory, has taken the unprecedented step to indict President Trump amid reports that the Biden family accepted $10 million in illegal bribes from foreign nationals,” said MAGA Inc. spokesperson Karoline Leavitt. “America is a nation that has become plagued by a two-tier system of justice that must be confronted and destroyed. This will only be done when we reelect President Donald J. Trump.”…

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