Former President Trump on Thursday swiftly moved toward fundraising efforts after claiming he’s been indicted in connection with the Justice Department’s investigation into his handling of classified documents. 

“We are watching our Republic DIE before our very eyes. The Biden-appointed Special Counsel has INDICTED me in yet another witch hunt regarding documents that I had the RIGHT to declassify as President of the United States,” Trump wrote in an email message asking supporters to donate.

“Please make a contribution to peacefully stand with me today and prove that YOU will NEVER surrender our country to the radical Left,” the note concludes, suggesting contributions between $24 and $250. 

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Trump, who is running for president in 2024, said in a Truth Social post on Thursday that his legal team had been told he was indicted in the documents probe has been summoned to appear in federal court in Miami on Tuesday. 

The former president, in the letter, appeared to make reference to when FBI agents executed a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago last summer and when a district attorney in Manhattan indicted him on criminal charges in a separate case earlier this year. 

“But then, we SHOCKED them as our campaign grew even stronger… …We broke fundraising records,” Trump wrote. 

He argued that “after a state prosecutor failed to break us, the Deep State sharpened their attacks and unleashed a FEDERAL prosecutor to TRY and take us down.”

Special counsel Jack Smith has been heading the probe into Trump’s handling of classified documents as well as another investigation into the transfer of power during the 2020 presidential election, which Trump lost to President Biden.

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