Academy Award-winning filmmaker Martin Scorsese will host and produce a documentary series about Christian saints for Fox News’s streaming service, Fox Nation. 

The 81-year-old director will spearhead “Martin Scorsese Presents: The Saints” to air as part of an eight-part limited series, with the first four episodes debuting in November 2024 and the second four in May 2025. The drama will cover “the remarkable stories of eight men and women who risked everything to embody humanity’s most noble and complex trait — faith,” the network wrote of the project.

“Having the greatest storyteller tell some of the greatest stories of all time is exactly the kind of exclusive content that is driving Fox Nation’s success,” Fox News Media’s chief digital and marketing officer Jason Klarman said in a statement, per IndieWire. “It’s an honor to welcome the world-renowned Martin Scorsese to the Fox Nation platform.”

Scorsese said of the project, “I’ve lived with the stories of the saints for most of my life, thinking about their words and actions, imagining the worlds they inhabited, the choices they faced, the examples they set. These are stories of eight very different men and women, each of them living through vastly different periods of history and struggling to follow the way of love revealed to them and to us by Jesus’ words in the gospels. I’m so excited that this project is underway, and that I’m working with so many trusted and talented collaborators.”


The outlet noted that the eight saints covered in the series will be Joan of Arc, Francis of Assisi, John the Baptist, Thomas Becket, Mary Magdalene, Moses the Black, Sebastian, and Maximillian Kolbe.

Earlier this year, Scorsese said he was working on a “film about Jesus” in an effort to alter public perceptions of religion.

“I’m trying to find a new way to make it more accessible and take away the negative onus of what has been associated with organized religion,” the filmmaker told the LA Times during a January interview.

“Right now, ‘religion,’ you say that word and everyone is up in arms because it’s failed in so many ways,” Scorsese continued. “You may reject it. But it might make a difference in how you live your life — even in rejecting it. Don’t dismiss it offhand.”

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