Florida is down to a daily average of 1393 coronavirus as of now, in a two percent decline over the last two weeks, as it now amounts to 6 per 100,000.

The contrast between Florida and other states is highlighted by Fox News. Places like New York with stricter guidelines are seeing case amounts as high as 34 per 100,000.

DeSantis Press Secretary Christina Pushaw told this to the outlet:

“It just shows once again the success of Governor DeSantis’s science-based and data-based policies. He’s always made decisions based on the data and that continued even during the Delta surge this summer what he realized would help was not mask mandates in school or lockdowns but provide treatment that actually works.”

CNN reports how Michigan is in the opposite case from Florida’s, having some of the highest COVID cases per capita than anywhere in America.

These results flew in the face of previous scorn from the media critics. It was motivated by a feud debating over the best treatment plan for COVID cases. Florida differed from other states by pursuing monoclonal antibody treatments as an alternative treatment plan.
Florida so far this year has drawn a line in the sand against vaccine mandates. Enough so that Disney World decided to abide by the Governor’s wishes and cease the requirement for their staff.

A surprise to those that painted Florida as a doomsday situation, earlier on.

It’s unclear how the new Omicron variant will shake up the COVID cases in the United States if it comes that far. Places like the Tampa Bay Times are suggesting “holiday precautions” regardless. Despite denouncing the travel bans Trump proposed at the onset of 2020, President Biden has now found himself doing the same now. Canada too is in that position of barring entry for outside travelers.

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