A $25 charitable donation to a UCSF research study is the fastest, simplest, and safest way to expose the truth about vaccine safety.

I’m funding a study at UCSF that is being done by Professor Aditi Bhargava. Her study will proactively contact people and find out what the ACTUAL adverse event rates are for all symptoms. No more guesswork.

I’m writing this to invite you to join me in funding her study.

Professor Bhargava spoke at the Ron Johnson event in DC that happened two months ago. Naturally, her testimony (starting at 2:12:00) and that of BMJ Associate Editor Peter Doshi (starting at 1:48:00) was removed by YouTube for violating their terms of service. But they are still available on the CHD website.

Funding her research is the single most important thing you can do now if you want to help

You can imagine that the CDC does not want anyone to do this study. The CDC should have done it themselves, but they did nothing. They sat on their butts for a year. Just as expected. They know the vaccines are a disaster. They do NOT want to know what the numbers are. They know they are bad and will kill the program. So no study. That’s unethical. And of course, Congress is not holding them accountable.

So I guess I have to.

I funded half of her study. I would like you to fund the other half.

Now we have a way to get data that nobody can attack and the CDC cannot stop; stopping it would look really bad for them.

In short, we will FINALLY learn the truth… good or bad.

If I’m the only one funding her study, it looks bad.

If there are thousands of people funding her study, that looks awesome. It’s the single best thing you can do to help.

Here is the link for your $25 donation (you can donate more)


Here is a little about her:


Note: the minimum donation is $25 (that is set by UCSF). You can give more. Please give if you can afford it. This is the single best investment to end the madness.

The donation will only take a few minutes and is fully tax-deductible.

Thanks for your help.

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