It’s panic time. We need to go into lockdown immediately except for food and emergencies, shut down the borders, institute mandatory double masking, and make booster shots mandatory for all.

Two deaths worldwide from Omicron. It’s panic time.

They were wrong. Apparently, there might be one death, but it isn’t clear if they were killed by Omicron itself or simply died with Omicron. I think it is the latter since the person already had COVID and recovered and he wasn’t vaccinated (which would have depressed his immune system).

This is not an isolated incident, however. There was also one other death case in the world: in the UK where a man died with Omicron (not from Omicron).

So two deaths in the world so far with Omicron. There may be more.

We need to take this seriously before it gets out of hand. Omicron is spreading fast.

I’m guessing that the CDC will soon recommend the following:

  1. Tell people to cancel all New Years parties
  2. Forbid gatherings of more than 5 vaccinated people, and only if tested within 30 minutes of the gathering
  3. Unvaccinated people should not leave their home except for food
  4. All flights in and out of the country
  5. If you have Omicron, quarantine in isolation for 30 days
  6. Masks are required everywhere including outdoors.
  7. If you are spotted without a mask, law enforcement is authorized to shoot you first, ask questions later. We need to strict about this to save lives.
  8. People should get their food via IV infusion. It is too dangerous to take your mask off to eat.
  9. Double-masking is required indoors including in homes.
  10. Boosters need to be given to everyone immediately, including newborns and unborn fetus should be vaccinated in order to be protected.
  11. You need to sleep with a mask on (double masking preferred).
  12. Keep your mask on in the shower as well.
  13. If you can breathe through your mask, the mask isn’t going to filter out the virus. The best masks are those where you can’t breathe through them.
  14. Any doctor not following the CDC-approved treatment protocol will be immediately put in jail. We can’t have anyone getting any of those off-label drugs to treat COVID even if they do result in zero deaths.
  15. Debates with any anti-vax people are prohibited by law. The public must never find out they are being duped.
  16. Anyone spreading any information that doesn’t support the narrative should be suspended from Twitter for life, have their Facebook account deleted, have their YouTube channel demonetized. They should then be arrested and shot, ideally in public view. This is needed to discourage misinformation spreaders that could endanger lives because the existing methods haven’t worked so far.
  17. Internet service providers must monitor all content and block anything that criticizes the CDC.

You get the picture.

We need to maintain the Emergency, otherwise, the EUAs go away

Why would they do this? The EUA expires on Jan 15 and they need an “emergency” to keep the EUA in place.

So Omicron has to be a MAJOR threat to society, otherwise, the EUAs go away.

I wonder when people will wake up?

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